Active Learning Day

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Here is a taste of some of the activities that students took part in on this active learning day at the end of last half term.

Year 12 – Salford Business School – Wednesday 16th October

55 Year 12 students attended Salford University for a course designed to give them a taste of a University education. They were given a taster lecture and seminar; a guided tour of the campus, where they were shown the Library, lecture theatres, seminar rooms and accommodation on site; and support with their personal statement and the idea of “personal branding” and the concept of selling yourself to an employer.

This gave students an excellent starting point in their research into their academic or future career path.

Year 10 –  The day focussed on emotional well-being and reflection. The highlight, for many,  was the inspirational talk form Liz Ashall Payne who shared her experiences and guidance on how to become an entrepreneur and leader. We started the day though by making a real mess. Structures were constructed form spaghetti and jelly. The task was to make sure they could hold a book – none of them did! We were trying to develop strategies for failure and think through processes that can help us cope when things go wrong – as they often do in life. We also tried to budget for the real world in another session and realised that salaries don’t go as far as we think. An important session looked at risk and how some risk taking can be god but how do we decide between “god” and “bad” risk. At the end of the day, we spent an hour in quiet reflection after we discussed the merits of journaling. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can even help you with physical healing as well as emotional well-being. All students were given a journaling book to take home and some prompt questions to start them off.

Year 9 – Eating Disorder Awareness:

Year 9 explored issues related to self-esteem – what can damage it and how we can develop it. Students researched the signs and symptoms linked to eating disorders and self-harm and discussed strategies they can put into place if they feel that they or someone else they know might be experiencing feelings of low self-esteem. The year group discussed the underlying pressures from media images and media messages and created story books to help advise others on issues surrounding eating disorders.

Year 8 – Year 8 researched and presented their findings on the issue of drug taking in sport and its implications.

Year 7 – The focus for Year 7 was on the theme of transition. Students attended sessions on the school values, study skills, teamwork and communication, as well as internet safety and building friendships.