Active Learning Week - Architecture

To help us understand about architecture we carried out some experiments. Here’s what we did.

We created Roman and Catenary arches.


Egg task; we did an experiment with 3 eggs (200g each – 600g in total) holding up 2kg of water. The first bottle didn’t make a difference, however, the second bottle cracked 1 egg. Therefore, 3 eggs were almost able to carry 4kg of water. This shows that the oval shape of the egg is able to distribute weight evenly and balance something much heavier than itself.

Geodesic Dome task; the year 8s looked at, and created, geodesic domes. They created them by hand from straws and pipe cleaners. Geodesic domes were pioneered by architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller in the 20th century and was designed to be light but sturdy.