Admission Policy 2020 Consultation

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Please find below a draft of Stretford Grammar School’s Admission Policy 2020 for consultation:

Schools are required by the School Admissions Code to consult as widely as possible on their Admission Policies and this should include parents/carers of all children between the ages of 2-18 years old and any other parties who may have an interest in the proposed arrangements. If it is at all possible we would be grateful of any assistance you can give in cascading this information to parents or others who may have an interest in the proposed arrangements.

In this consultation we would draw your attention to the following proposed changes:

  • Amendment of the over subscription criteria to include priority for children who were previously in state care, outside of England, and have ceased to be in state care as a result of being adopted.
  • Increased number of Pupil Premium from 10 to 15 as part of our Over-subscription Criteria.
  • Postcode allocation as part of criteria 5 of the Over-subscription Criteria.
  • Should you wish to make any comments on this draft, please forward them to the school email address at admissions [at] stretfordgrammar [dot] com no later than Friday 21st December 2018.
  • If you would like a paper copy of this document please contact the school on 0161 865 2293 to request this.