In-Year Admission

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Admission for Candidates applying to enter Years 7 to 11 (from another secondary school)


1. These procedures apply both to candidates who have previously been unsuccessful in the School’s Testing procedure and to candidates who have not previously been tested.  Candidates who have previously applied and sat the School’s In-Year Testing and who have not achieved the qualifying score for admission cannot re-apply in the same academic year and must leave a minimum of 12 months before applying for re-assessment.

2. Candidates who have previously been unsuccessful in the School’s Entrance Examination procedure are able to be reassessed in the Summer Term after starting Year 7.

3. Candidates will be assessed for their suitability for admission to the School using the following procedure:

  • candidates will receive a Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT) which comprises verbal, quantitative and non-verbal sections and their score will be standardised
  • the school will ask for a letter from the candidate’s current school, setting out the candidate’s current level of attainment and progress and asking for the results of any nationally-taken tests or exams
  • a scrutiny of the candidate’s work, including Maths, English, Science, Modern Foreign Languages, History and Geography.  Candidates may bring work in other subjects if they wish.

4. Under the terms of Education Act 1998, all parents/carers of candidates refused admission have the right to an Independent Appeals Panel against any decision made by the School.  The decision of the Independent Appeals Panel is binding on both the School and parents/carers.

5. Year 10 and 11 candidates will sit a bespoke testing, if applicable, which will be advised on application.  Places on this year are also subject to option line choices having vacancies and compatible exam boards already having been followed.

6. Applications for candidates in Years 7 to 9 who have previously qualified for Stretford Grammar School will be considered in light of the availability of places and their position on the waiting list. Applicants who are currently in Year 9 and above who have previously qualified will be required to re-qualify.

7. Please note a successful outcome from an assessment does not guarantee a place at the school. If any places are available we apply our over-subscription criteria.

8. Positions on the waiting list are subject to change and as such a candidate may move up or down the list.

9. To register your child for re-assessment please contact the Admissions Officer via email admissions [at] stretfordgrammar [dot] com.