An Audience with Dr Rory Fox

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Dr Rory Fox, founder of Edlumino charity, visited Stretford Grammar School on Tuesday 13th December. Edlumino has the aim of providing education to refugee children who have been uprooted from their home countries. Students from both Stretford Grammar and Stretford High schools met with Rory to listen to his first-hand experience of the issues and complications that these children and families are facing on a daily basis, from people smuggling to child trafficking. These examples helped to highlight the stark contrast between what these children have had to face and our experiences of childhood. Rory aims to provide through the charity some level of normalcy to these children within the chaos that surrounds them, by offering consistent and structured education which can act as both an inspiration and an escape. Rory gave us an update on what has happened to the children and families we worked with in the La Liniere camp in France which we visited in July and the school that has most recently been set up in northern Greece. Our students were overwhelmed with his stories and had many questions at the end of his talk to attempt to comprehend this complex situation. We further discussed ways which we can help the charity by fundraising and raising awareness; not only young people abroad but also those that have made it across the channel and are trying to integrate into British society. After raising money for the charity before and raising awareness to Trafford councillors, we were further motivated to see what more we could do to help, especially after hearing that there were many young people that had made it across the channel and were now in our local area attempting to integrate into British society.  
Aysha Siddiqui in Year 13– “It was really interesting to hear Rory’s journey from working in a structured environment as a head teacher in the UK to teaching refugees in muddy fields in his wellies- a stark contrast. It was quite shocking to hear the stories about the lack of accountability for these children from the authorities and other charities operating within and around the camp. It really opened my eyes and made me want to help”.
We wish Dr Fox and Edlumino all the best in their efforts in Greece and we hope to continue to support them through raising awareness and funds. To find out more about the project and how you can help you can visit