Anti-bullying week & the library challenge: Don't judge a book by its cover!

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Anti-bullying week is coming soon and in order to raise awareness of how we shouldn’t be too quick to judge people by appearances, the library is launching a new challenge:

The saying goes: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but if we are honest, we ALL judge books by their covers. That’s why millions are spent each year by marketing departments within publishing houses to get the best designers to come up with the best, most attractive covers. That doesn’t necessarily make them great books to read straight away. They just look prettier than the rest.
 Here in the library , there are a number of books that have been resting on our shelves for a number of years now (decades?), and that we are pretty sure haven’t been borrowed because of their old-fashioned covers.
They are good books and worth reading. You just have to give them a chance!
So here is the challenge:
Dare to read any of these books and if you like it enough, then design a new book cover for it.
You can hand-paint it or use photoshop, publisher etc.
Just hand in your entries to Mrs Sanchez
and get 5 commendations just for trying!
…And if you can give a book a chance,
why don’t you try doing the same with someone
you may have judged incorrectly without really taking the time to “read” them?