Ashwell House

Ashwell House

My name is Mrs Roberts and I am delighted to be representing Ashwell as Head of House. All students here at SGS can benefit from the House system and find new ways to express themselves and contribute to both the school community and the wider community. I am seeking to further embed the core values of SGS through Ashwell house over the coming years so Ashwell students will be known for their ambition, kindness, achievements (both academic and otherwise), their respect of and trust for others. We have already shown this year that we can motivate the school towards raising money for worthy causes such as Children in Need and intend to continue to build on events such as this.

Why Ashwell

The name Ashwell is given to the House in tribute to Miss Vera Ashwell, Headteacher of Stretford Grammar School for girls, the precursor to SGS. She began her career in 1949 and led the school for over twenty years. Many former students comment on what a kind, dedicated and formidable lady she was.   We certainly have a legacy to follow!

Charity work 2018/2019

We have already supported Children in Need, but the committee decided this year they would like to support a mental health charity throughout the year and so we settled on Mind as so many teenagers and adults of all ages are impacted by mental health.   All future monies raised will go to this worthy cause.