The Business and Economics department at Stretford Grammar School consists of two members of staff. Business is an option subject at Key Stages 4 & 5. Economics is an option subject at key stage 5.


The two members of staff are:

  • Miss J. Platt – Curriculum Leader for Business and Economics.
  • Mrs. N. Labrey – Teacher of Economics.

Both members of staff are experienced teachers who have a wide range of skills and specialism’s within the field.

KS 4 Business

It involves some work of a mathematical nature. Specifically, this involves the manipulation and interpretation of numerical data. The numerical element does not get any more difficult than being able to use and understand percentages. As the examination requires written answers of varying length it is helpful if you are able to express yourself in a written form. The subject also requires students to learn a range of new terms and phrases.

What Kind of student is this course suitable for?

This course will appeal to students who:

  • Want to understand how to set up a Business
  • Want to understand how large Businesses operate in the global economy.
  • Able to make decisions.

What is the course content?

  • Unit 1 Starting a business
  • Unit 2 Growing a business
  • Unit 3 Controlled assessment

KS 5 Business

Students  look at the challenges and issues of starting a business, including financial planning. It then explores the key functions of business and how management can assist in improving the performance and success of the business.

Throughout the course will acquire and demonstrate the following:

• Understanding of concepts, terms and theories relevant to business.

• An ability to select, organise, present, analyse and interpret data in a precise and effective way.

• An ability to evaluate evidence and make reasoned judgements.

• An ability to apply appropriate investigative techniques to solve problems within a business


What kind of student is this course suitable for?

This course will appeal to students who:

• Want to find out about the role of the entrepreneur and business in society.

• Are interested in current topics involving businesses.

• Want to develop their skills of analysing and evaluating business problems.

What is the course content?

AS Level

Unit 1 Business: Starting a Business

Unit2 Business: Managing a Business

A2 level

Unit 3 Strategies for success.

Unit 4 The Business Environment and Managing Change


KS 5 Economics

Students learn about the micro and macro economy. They will be able to understand how economies work and how industries contribute to economic success. Students learn about firm’s cost, revenue and profit and the concept of efficiency and distribution across the UK.

What will I learn on this course?

On this course, you will gain a theoretical and practical insight into world affairs and will be able to form opinions of your own that are backed by knowledge and understanding.

What kind of student is this course suitable for?

 Want to understand how the UK economy works

 Want to understand how economics affect business decisions and government policies

 Are interested in current affairs

 Are logical thinkers

What is the course content?

AS Level

Unit 1 Economics: Markets and Market Failure

Unit 2 Economics: The National Economy


Unit 3 Economics: Business Economics and the Distribution of Income

Unit 4 Economics: The National and International Economy