Dakin House

Dakin House


I am Mr Drayton the Head of Dakin House, I have been a Physics and Science teacher at Stretford Grammar School since 2014 and am looking forward to carrying on the excellent work of Mr Hillary, the first Head of Dakin House. I see the role of the Head of House is a part cheerleader, part mentor; raising awareness of causes the pupils wish to champion and providing guidance on how best to bring their ideas to fruition.

Who was Dakin?

Albert Dakin was the first Head teacher of Stretford Grammar in the 1930s. The Globe represents ‘Power through Knowledge’. As a scientist I feel the globe and the colour green is apt as our House logo, it is a gentle reminder of how everything we do influences others around us both near and far.

Dakin was also a celebrated mathematician and was the co-author of the much loved maths book ‘Elementary Analysis’.

Who are Dakin House?

Dakin house adopted the slogan “When everyone is included, everyone wins.” This was a quote from Jesse Jackson, a famous civil rights activist. He believed that by recognising the needs of everyone and including them in decision making that everyone would benefit.

We would like to take the essence of this message forward and help to develop a friendly competitive atmosphere full of confident, happy young people throughout the whole school.

Led by Sixth Form House Captains and Form Reps, we are looking at how we can help others, by championing both the smaller local causes that students feel are worthwhile and worthy of our time and effort and also national campaigns like Red Nose Day and NSPCC.

We are also looking at providing a helping hand with other extra-curricular activities be that drama, sport or whatever pupils at Stretford are passionate about.