Have you ever been curious about your IQ? This is where one of our students' curiosity got him.

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Bilal, a Year 9 student, had always been curious about what an IQ test would involve and what the outcome might be. Recently his curiosity got the better of him and here is what happened.

Ever wondered about your IQ or ever been brave enough to take the test?  Bilal, in Year 9, can answer ‘yes’ in both instances and was amazed by what happened next. Bilal took the test a couple of weeks ago, it lasted two and half hours and was very similar to the verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions typical of school entrance exams along with some logic questions. For Bilal it was all fairly straightforward. Until, that is, he receives his results.  As he tells the story himself, he is both shocked and surprised at the results, scoring 162, the highest possible score you can reach. We have a genius in our midst. An interview by the Manchester Evening News comes next, swiftly followed by the BBC, as you can see in the photograph. So, clever and famous all in the same week, not bad for a Year 9 student. Bilal, now a member of MENSA is excited and proud  about his new role. What an achievement, well done to Bilal and will anyone be brave enough to follow in his footsteps?