Stretford Grammar School is a co-educational Foundation Grammar School with ambitious students who demonstrate high levels of care and consideration towards each other and the wider community.  This caring and compassionate behaviour is celebrated in two Ofsted reports and  frequently commented upon by visitors to the school who are struck by the courteous, purposeful and respectful atmosphere.  At the heart of the school, core values of courtesy and respect, together with its diversity and excellent relationships, make Stretford Grammar School a unique place to learn.

The School’s principal aim of ‘striving for the very best for all students’ was confirmed in the school’s most recent inspection in 2015 which highlighted the ‘caring, committed and clear leadership’ of the school. In 2017, 94% of our students achieved a grade 5 in English and mathematics, and our progress measures are significantly above the local and national averages. Our Attainment 8 score also places the school in the top 5% of schools nationally.  These are wonderful achievements which reflect the hard work and dedication of students and staff as well as the incredible support of our parental body.

In addition, the school places great value on student participation in a broad range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities aimed at developing life skills, leadership potential and links with the wider community.  In doing so, we hope that each and every one of our students has the opportunity to experience success during their time at Stretford Grammar School.

Mr M. Mullins.