Equality Objectives   2012-2015

After assessing data and information gathered in the Equalities

and the Equalities Curriculum Audit two objectives have been identified. Both of these objectives comply with the requirements of the legislation.

1.    To raise the attainment levels of boys across the school 

(Duty: To Advance Equality of Opportunity)

2.    To further develop positive engagement with students, parents and stakeholders

(Duty: Foster Good Relations)


Appendix 1


Equality Objective


Actions Who is responsible? Costings Timescale Expected Outcomes
To ensure that there are safe evacuation processes in place for those with restricted mobility in each part of the building ·    Identify key points for Evac Chairs

·    Put in place recognised training to ensure safe exits

·     Evac chair plans built in to fire safety processes


JE X4 Chairs £1000

Training £1000



Processes in place for safe evacuations from school
To provide better access to the fields and greener spaces in order that those with restricted mobility can participate in sport and outdoor leisure ·    PE to review curriculum to allow better access for students with restricted mobility

·    Establish links with providers of sport for those with impaired mobility in order to encourage physical activity where appropriate

Pathways in to greener areas of the school established to allow access to outdoor space, particularly at the rear of the school

JE/HG/HD Tbc – liaise with grounds man


Approx £10,000

June 2019 Students able to access fields and outdoor areas for mindfulness

Improved access to outdoor sport, particularly in summer months


To continue to promote and develop a harmonious and tolerant school community that understands different cultures and ways of life Develop a range of drop down days that promote tolerance and awareness of other cultures

Gain accreditation through the Rainbow Award

Develop a programme of outside speakers to work through the PSHCE Curriculum in order to promote and educate greater understanding of diversity and protected characteristics

·      Use of assembly, PSHCE, curriculum programme and SGS events to encourage to reflect on their own identity, be respectful and have a knowledge of other identities

IW/HD/PLs Staff time


Costings of external support

July 2018 Programme of drop down days completed


Rainbow Award in place


Programme of outside speakers in place who are specialists in their fields

Continue to support children with SEN in order to narrow the gap in outcomes ·      Purchase provision mapping tool to track interventions and ensure staff are targeting needs of children

·      SENDCO to deliver training re range of specific needs of students and how these can be met

·      Further develop LSAs to put in place expert support

·      Passports to be circulated to staff about support required for students

·      Develop further, literacy of students with SEND by putting in place specific intervention programmes so that students can access the curriculum

·      Barriers to learning identified re-examination success and timely intervention’s in place

HD/DPU £4000 provision map tool


Non-Teaching SENDCO appointed

July 2019 Improved P8 data with students accessing a wider curriculum through improved literacy interventions


Staff trained on a range of SEND needs and these are built in to lesson planning and provision


Trained LSAs to support a range of additional needs