• Progress 8 Score: 0.29. This is significantly above the national average and places the school in the top 25% nationally30%
  • Attainment 8 Score: 66. This is the average score for the best 8 grades for each student. The national score for Attainment 8 was 46 in 201773%
  • 99% achieving grade 4 or above in English and Mathematics99%
  • 94% achieving grade 5 and above in English and Mathematics94%
  • 66% achieving the Ebacc. The national achievment in this is 24%66%
  • 97% of Grades at A* - C (4)97%
  • 51% of all grades are A* / A (7,8,9)51%
  • 56% of students achieved 5 or more A* / A (7,8,9)56%
  • 100% of students have gone on to full time sustained education, employment or traaining100%

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Stretford Grammar School is celebrating another year of outstanding GCSE results, which are testament to the hard work of our students and the dedication and tenacity of staff and parents.  This year 97% of all our students achieved 5 or more grades at A* to C/4. 51% of all grades were A*/A (including 7, 8, 9). In addition, 56% of students were awarded 5 A*/A (7,8,9) grades. Impressively, 12 students achieved 10 or more grades of A*/A.  Our GCSE cohort has shown real perseverance and determination in order to achieve so highly, whilst having to deal with competing pressures working towards goals and showing initiative, commitment and resolve.

There were some incredibly impressive sets of results from the following students who achieved A*/A (7,8,9) in all of their examinations:

Amaan Anwar; Ali Azhar; Charlie Buckley; Ahmed Hammad; Wajeeh Kashif; Urwaa Khan; Caroline McKernan; Soria Nicholson; Emma Platt; William Stephenson; Lina Tumi; Eloise Wadeson; Eleanor Ward.

Headteacher, Mr Mullins stated, ‘Against a backdrop of ever increasing challenge, I am delighted to see that our students have developed the determination, resiliency and skill set to achieve these results regardless of the additional impact of the new rigorous GCSE examinations in English and Maths.  The last two years have certainly been testing at times, however, it must be noted that behind these excellent headline figures there are real stories of endeavour and hard work on the part of our students. Of course, behind each success story there are many people who play a part in the journey. A huge thank you must go to the Curriculum Leaders who have expertly prepared their areas for the challenges that the students faced – with their dedication and drive and all of the extra revision classes and resources such results have been made possible. As a school we pride ourselves on the closeness of our community, the pastoral support and the guidance of both teachers and parent/carers alike and I believe that such a highly personalised approach to each student has prepared them for these exams and life beyond academia – well done to all and I hope that we see you all in the Sixth Form’.

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