Pupil Premium Statement

Summary Information

  Number of pupils and Pupil Premium Grant received
  2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Total number of pupils on roll 791 790 792 771 796
Total number of PPG 129 134 154 140 145
% of pupils who receive PPG 16.31% 16.96% 19.44% 18.16% 18.22%
Amount of PPG per pupils £660 £900 £935 £935 £935
Total amount of PPG Final £77,400 £120,600 £143,990 £129,995 £116,000


Group Achievement: Pupil Premium
2014 PP 2014 NPP 2014 Gap 2015 PP 2015 NPP 2015 Gap 2016 PP 2016 NPP 2016 Gap
Attainment – 5+ A*-C  (GCSE Only) passes including English and Mathematics 96% 97% -1% 94% 93% +1% 92% 92% 0%
Attainment – average points score in English 48.3 48.1 +0.2 46.8 47.0 -0.2 47.4 47.2 +0.2
Attainment – average points score in Mathematics 50.8 51.7 -0.9 49.5 48.9 +0.6 51.3 50.5 +0.8
Achievement – expected progress in English 92% 94% -2% 84% 89% -5% 92% 91% +1%
Achievement – more than expected progress in English 50% 59% -9% 55% 47% +8% 58% 49% +9%
Achievement – expected progress in Mathematics 88% 90% -2% 90% 82% +8% 81% 80% +1%
Achievement – more than expected progress in Mathematics 67% 76% -9% 58% 60% -2% 54% 51% +3%


Key Priority

Pupil Premium is additional funding intended to support our students currently on or who have, in the previous six years, received free school meals (FSM/everFSM6) and/or are looked after young people (CLA) or the children of Service families.


What we expect to see

Targeted and focused additional intervention strategies resulting in every student, however financially disadvantaged, being able to maximise their potential through:


  • Improving levels of attainment and progress


  • Fully accessing our extended curriculum provision



The Pupil Premium was introduced by the Coalition Government in April 2011. This additional funding is paid to schools in respect of their disadvantaged students:

  • Students who have been registered for free schools meals (FSM) at any point in the last six years
  • Students looked after continuously by the local authority for more than six months
  • Students from Service families

FSM is the main student level measure of deprivation available to schools and the link between FSM eligibility and school underachievement nationally is very strong. The academic abilities of our students are above the national average and this is reflected in our results. Schools receive Pupil Premium funding to support their eligible students and narrow the attainment gap between them and their peers.

The Pupil Premium for 2012-13 was set by the Government at £600 per eligible student; with a smaller amount £250 paid to schools in respect of children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces. The Pupil Premium for 2013-14 rose to £900 per eligible student. The Pupil Premium for 2016-17 is £935 per eligible student.


The performance of Pupil Premium (PP) students at Stretford Grammar is significantly higher than similar students nationally in all of the key indicators and the Pupil Premium funding has accelerated the learning and enhanced the achievement of these students and many other identified cohorts. We set challenging targets for all of our students (including our PP students) and are focused upon narrowing the gap in achievement between this group and their peers.

Our outstanding results at GCSE are the result of a cohesive whole school intervention strategy which is designed to maximise the achievement of all. The PP funding we receive has benefited our PP students as evidenced by the achievement data in the above table. Additionally, many of the interventions we have implemented have enhanced the achievement of many other ‘vulnerable’ students and similarly, improvement initiatives such as the implementation of a new progress and achievement data tracking software has been for the benefit of all students.

At Stretford Grammar we value and recognise that if students are to make optimum progress, they need to feel safe and secure. Pupil Premium funding enables school to allow additional targeted intervention through the implementation of a new Learning Support Centre in order to provide specific support.


 2016-17 Academic Year

In 2016-17 Stretford Grammar received £116,000 from Pupil Premium funding.

Pupil Premium funding was used to support a variety of other interventions and enrichment opportunities including:


Pupil Premium Expenditure in 2016-17
Expenditure Category PP Spend Details of actions and impact
TA £TBC Two TAs are employed to support the learning of SEN students, a percentage of whom are also eligible for PP. They provide highly specific support on an individual basis as directed by the SENDCO and Assistant Headteacher (Student Welfare). In addition the TAs are part of the Learning Resource Centre team and as such they offer additional support during non-teaching time within the LRC.


Counsellor £TBC The Counsellor provides weekly individual counselling to students (including PP students) whose academic progress has been identified as a cause for concern due to a variety of issues. Progress is checked on a termly basis through Data Capture points and the progress of vulnerable groups is examined to identify significant underachievement. Students are referred to the counsellor if it is deemed an appropriate intervention.
2nd in English TLR post £1,494 The creation of a second in English post will allow for targeted support for students in literacy. Specific literacy support will be given to identified students in a dedicated class set.
Senior Leadership Post £33,093 A senior leadership post has been assigned in order to provide strategic and operational direction for the strategies to be employed to raise the achievement of PP students. A notional 50% of salary costs has been allocated.
Additional English NQT £18,426 Additional staffing capacity within the English Department reduces class sizes and allows for targeted intervention through the creation of literacy groups in Key Stage 3.
Laptop Provision £500 Specific purchase of 2 laptops for use by PP students in order to assist with access to online resources and research.
CPOMS £1,250.00 CPOMS is child protection software which allows key staff to track and monitor those students identified as needing support. Key groups of students are monitored through the software including Pupil Premium students who are accessing support from the Intervention Practitioner. The software allows staff to take a proactive approach to assessing the levels of need as indicated from the reports produced by CPOMS.
GCSEPod £5,253.12

(3 Years)

GCSEPod is a cloud based service which supports GCSE students with their studies. It allows students to download podcasts onto their mobile devices and PCs. The podcasts focus on revision of the key aspects of the GCSE courses.
DATASEC £5,500 DATASEC is a piece of software that allows senior staff to examine student targets and results. The software is used to track the progress of all students and provides heads of department and teaching staff to focus on putting into place strategies to reduce any gaps. In addition to the software, a new dedicated server has been installed to support the efficient running of the program.
IMPERO £1,400 IMPERO is an advanced classroom management software allowing complete control of the school’s entire network. It monitor’s students’ use of the network and alerts the network manager and DSL if there are any concerns. It allows for the monitoring and restrictions of all website traffic, ensuring that all students are safeguarded.
Adobe Creative Cloud £2,376 CC allows students to access industry standard software including Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. It enables students to experience software packages and prepares them for the possibility of working within the creative industries.
Clickview £1,995 Clickview is a cloud based system that enables teaching staff to use thousands of educational videos in order to support the curriculum.
Duke of Edinburgh £440 Funds used to provide PP students with the opportunity to take part in the award at Bronze level.
Enrichment Trips £7,052 PP students have access to funds to assist with the participation on a range of enrichment trips.
Sports Coaches £250 Funds used to provide opportunities for students to take part in extra-curricular activities.
Music Lessons £1,065 PP students taking part in additional music tuition have access to funding to support their learning.
Additional Support
Support Tutor



£TBC The support tutor provides assistance with students who are not making expected progress. They work on a one to one basis; provide in class support; and provide specific small group intervention classes during school and after school.
Uniform Provision £492 PP students have access to funding support for Stretford Grammar School emblazoned uniform for the purposes of inclusion.
Revision Guides £391 For support in English.