Humanities Evening 2018

Over the course of two wonderful evenings, Year 7 pupils presented the projects they had been working on for the last 3 weeks. Their task was to choose a project from a list of 6 that covered the subjects of Geography, History and RE . The projects were quite open ended to allow for different interpretations and creativity. The students all produced fantastic work and have been congratulated on their endeavours. Both evenings were attended by parents and family members who listened to the students talk about their work and what they had learned over the course of their research. Some parental comments: “It was superb to see the confidence that the pupils had when they were talking about their projects”; “I was very proud of my daughter – she has worked so hard on this project and it was wonderful to be invited into school to see the work that the pupils had done”; “I am so glad that we choose Stretford Grammar School – my son has really blossomed into a confident and articulate young person”.

Many thanks to the Humanities Faculty for their hard work and dedication!