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A dedication to the Former Head Teacher of Stretford Grammar School Miss Revill from 1971-1998


Following the recent death of Former Head Teacher Miss Revill many former members of staff, stretching the span of her significant time at Stretford Grammar School, attended her funeral. The school was represented by Mrs S.C. Lea who began her teaching career with Miss Revill in 1977 and has a role still in school having retired from her post as Head of Geography. The attendance of so many former colleagues is testament to the esteem in which Miss Revill was held. Equally the eulogy, given by her life-time companion was, in part, equally a testament to the esteem in which Miss Revill held the staff and students of Stretford Grammar School.

Furthermore there are staff who could not attend, but who worked with her, who still tread the boards at SGS, who wish to share a few informal words in praise and recognition of her contribution to the students and staff during the years she led the school.

We live in an age of constant flux. We live at a break-neck pace, change is the new normal and we constantly have to refresh if we are to be competitive as establishments, organisations, teams and individuals. As such it can seem that there is no time to stand still and reflect, to evaluate, and more importantly, to value the long view. Moving on is seen as one of the essential ingredients to greater success, however we measure that as individuals, and indeed it often provides the route to gaining more experience. That said, the long term commitment to a personal and professional goal cannot be underestimated. Those of us who started our journeys as teachers under the direction of Miss Revill have our own personal memories and moments to recall and recount, some funny, some sad, some scary. However, as a group we were complicit in her goal, her determination to provide, always, and without exception or interruption, the opportunity to experience an education in the north of Trafford Borough equal to that offered in the south of Trafford Borough and beyond in both provision and extension. As a group of staff still standing we can stand proud behind our range of 27-22 years of service. SGS has a tradition boasting a backbone of long serving dedicated staff, past and present, and that speaks volumes about the experiences we have and provide as a community. The continuity of that long term vision and commitment, in an age where that is often not the norm in 11-18 schools, means that this tradition survives. Professionally for 27 years Miss Revill brought her knowledge, her intellect, her strength and her vision to her role as Head Teacher along with her trade mark sartorial elegance of twin set and pearls. Personally she gave her heart and soul to the school, the students, the staff, and for that we must remember her today and always; the formidable Miss Philippa Revill.

Thank you for reading our dedication and taking a moment to reflect

Miss Lees – Curriculum Leader – Drama – 1992

Mrs Sutton – Curriculum Leader – Science – 1995

Miss McCarthy – Former Curriculum Leader – MFL – Librarian -1996

Mr Hodgson – Curriculum Leader – P.E. – 1997

Mr Chadbond – Data Manager/Exams Officer/Maths Teacher – 1997

A special long serving mention from Mrs Keaveney – Dinner Lady – 1987