Pankhurst House

Pankhurst Introduction

My name is Miss Hynes. I teach PE at Stretford Grammar and I am honoured to have the opportunity of heading Pankhurst house. Stretford-born Emmeline Pankhurst was a leading women’s right’s activist and founder of the Suffragettes, fearlessly leading them to win the right of women to vote. Our house is galvanised by the idea that somebody from our local community – mere streets away from our school – led a movement that had a global impact and transformed the world for the better, I am delighted to be the head of house for Pankhurst for this reason.

Just as Emmeline said “You have to make more noise than everyone else.” I feel that making noise is really what being in a house is all about. It’s about forging a collective voice, fostering a vigorous competitive spirit, promoting confidence and self-belief and embedding a strong set of values, all of which, I think, can be demonstrated in the simple act of standing up and celebrating your team as joyously and vocally as possible.

What’s more, we take inspiration from her courage, her dogged pursuit of her goals and her refusal to accept second best. It is fitting, therefore, that Pankhurst is represented by the rampant lion, the traditional symbol of bravery; and our motto, “Deeds, not words”- also taken from the Suffragettes – reflects the important idea that everyone in our house, whatever their talents and strengths, needs to be a full, active and ‘noisy’ participants in the life of this wonderful school.

Recent News

Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper day – Our Christmas Jumper competition left everyone with a warm glow all over when the total raised for ‘Save the Children’ was a whopping £727.00. Thank you to all who took part and contributed to a fantastic total.

Bake Sale – Andrew Mahrous in Year 11 works closely with the charity St Marks University Copts Care who aims to relieve poverty in the Middle East. We raised a massive £157. Thank you to all who baked cakes and those who bought them, they are very grateful for your generosity.

6 February 1918: Women get the vote for the first time- On the 6th February 2018 we celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the vote by wearing ‘Votes for women’ badges all day, just as the Suffragettes did 100 years ago.

Sport Relief Step Challenge – We are taking part in the sport relief step challenge to see which house can do the most steps before 23rd March 2018, obviously it will be Pankhurst! To take part copy the link