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Stretford Grammar School is a co-educational foundation grammar school with Specialist Status in Mathematics and Science, offering students from a wide variety of backgrounds the opportunity to achieve the highest levels of academic achievement. This ambition and aspiration is expressed in the ethos of the school, the day to day activities and lessons, as well as the external recognition which we receive through our success in GCSE and A Level examinations. We do all this in the context of a disciplined environment where relationships are built upon mutual respect and courtesy. Indeed, visitors frequently comment on the harmonious atmosphere within school. Ofsted recently noted that a crucial factor in the results achieved was the positive relationships between staff and students. The fact that we are a small school only serves to facilitate these relationships and, consequently, students very quickly feel part of the community.

Therefore, promoting an environment which instils self-discipline and engenders effective teaching and learning is central to all that we do at Stretford Grammar School. The high expectations which we have in terms of work, behaviour and appearance are key indicators that students belong to a caring school community. Students benefit from the high level of expertise, commitment and enthusiasm which staff bring to their work. However, staff cannot do it all on their own and so, underpinning our work, is the fostering of strong home/school partnerships. When parents/carers take an active interest in the work of their child, achievement and progress are demonstrably higher.

Of course, our ultimate aim is to ensure that all students fulfil their potential within a safe environment focused on teaching and learning. Therefore, just and firm discipline are prerequisites for ensuring that high standards of behaviour and a purposeful and friendly environment are maintained. By ensuring that all students achieve, we are confident that they will develop the necessary skills to meet the challenges ahead and to lead successful, happy lives.

As a caring and happy school with excellent working relationships, pastoral care and guidance is essential in ensuring that students have the right information to make informed decisions about their lives. However, it is also important that every student has an opportunity to shine. Consequently, we are committed to supporting opportunities which enable students to find an activity in which to succeed.

Finally, we are well aware of the trust that parents/carers place in the school and that is why we will invest time and energy in order to find the difference, which will make the difference, for each and every student.