Refugee Crisis: Students meet the Mayor to raise awareness

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As a follow up to our trip to camp La Liniere in July that we ran in collaboration with Stretford High School, we presented our experiences to the Mayor of Trafford as well other councillors at Trafford Town Hall on the 30th November 2016.
Mayor pic
After returning from Calais we felt a strong will to raise awareness about the plight of the refugees within our local community. This meeting with the councillors was a great way to share our experiences to people that can help bring about change within their districts. As we detailed some of the shocking things we witnessed and our moments of achievement, it brought back many memories of our time there and the amazing children we got to teach as well as learn from. The central theme of our presentation was highlighting the stark comparison between our experiences of normalcy in childhood and the experiences of these children who have been uprooted from their homes and put in a situation where they are met with challenges that other children do not have to face.
Through our one to one interactions and observation we were able offer the councillors our personal experiences, giving them an insight on a deeper and more distinctive level then what can be gained through mainstream media. Though we were only able to present for 30 minutes we really managed to connect with the councillors who were moved by our experiences and proud of the actions of the young people in Trafford. We hope this meeting will help to further spread awareness and encourage a more compassionate outlook towards the refugee crisis in our borough and beyond.
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