Teaching Staff
English Department
Curriculum Leader Mr. S Howell
  Mr. D. Crowley
Mrs. E. Baxter
Miss R. Lees (Drama)
Dr. C. Nixon
Mr. D. Price
Dr. E. Quipp
Mathematics Department
Curriculum Leader Mr. C. McAvoy
  Mrs. C. Mycock (second in department)
Mrs. K. Carter
Mr. O. Chadbond
Mr. S. Ahmad
Miss M. Patra
Mrs. S. Shingler
Science Faculty
Curriculum Leader: Science Mrs. G. Sutton
Curriculum Leader: Biology Mrs. G. Sutton
  Mr. J. Hillary
Mrs. S. Mountain
Dr. L. Tatton
Curriculum Leader: Chemistry Miss S. Hayton
  Mrs. C. Kelly
Mr. S. Marshall
Curriculum Leader: Physics Mr. S. Chillingworth
  Mr. C. Drayton


Dr. L. Tatton
Art Department
Curriculum Leader Mr. C. Lea
Mr. J. Ochman
Humanities Faculty (Geog, History, Pols, RE, Bus, Econs, Psych and Soc)
Faculty Leader Miss E. Eeles
Geography Department
Curriculum Leader Miss E. Eeles
Mrs. N. Flanagan
Ms S. Alderson
Miss S. King
Mr. T. Whiting
History and Politics Department
Curriculum Leader Mrs. H. Allerton
  Ms S. Alderson
  Mr. J. Broome
RE Department
Curriculum Leader Mrs. R. Lea
Ms S. Alderson
Miss. E. Hynes
Mr. I. Nicholson
Mrs. N. Flanagan
Business and Economics
Curriculum Leader Miss J. Platt
  Mrs. M. Soni
Psychology and Sociology Department
Curriculum Leader Mrs. C. Abotorabi
Miss F. Shad
Music Department
Curriculum Leader Mrs. K. Swales
Mr. M. Wright
Computing Department
Curriculum Leader Mr. J. Stenhouse
  Mr. D. Yarwood
Design Technology Department                
Curriculum Leader Mrs. H. Barry
Mrs. J. South
Mr. J. Ochman
Miss. N. Hyde
Drama Department

Curriculum Leader

PE Department                                 

Curriculum Leader

Miss. R. Lees

Mr. D. Price

Mr. S. Hodgson
Mrs. N. Flanagan
Miss E. Hynes
Mr. R. Dutton
PSHCE Department                         
Curriculum Leader Mr. I. Nicholson
Ms S. Alderson
Miss. C. Ashall
Mrs. E. Delaney
Mrs. H. Dolphin
Miss. V. Goudard
Mr. C. Lea
Miss. R Lees
Mr. J. Ochman
Mrs. N. Flanagan
Miss. F. Shad
Mrs. S. Shingler
Mrs. J. South
Modern Foreign Languages Department       
Curriculum Leader Miss C. Ashall
  Mrs. E. Delaney (second in department)
  Miss. V. Goudard
  Mrs. H. Dolphin