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In October 2017 a team of 6 enthusiasts dedicated 11 weeks of hard work & planning towards becoming the North West Regional Champions of F1 2018!

This is a summary of their amazing experience from pit level.

The first thing we saw on arrival was the track and the amazing racing cars. We set up our Pit and a few judges visited our display and were impressed. Every race car had to be handed in to the judge at the beginning of the event, with A4 rendered drawings. This meant no further adjustments could be made and allowed the judge to measure weigh and judge specific locations of the car checking if any team had gone against regulations; if so they would be given a point penalty off their final score. After an amazing day of verbal presentation, enterprise judging and design and manufacturing judging, we came to the race!; Joel our team manager was in charge of the trigger for all the races as shown in the picture, lane 2 wearing a white t-shirt. Each team had a turn to race in both lanes because this would give an equal chance to every team. We were able to win our first  2 races however due to reaction time we weren’t successful in the next 2 races. The leader boards for the races were ranked in order of time fastest at the top, slowest at the bottom. SG-Force maintained and held sturdy ground on 2nd place for racing. The time eventually came for the results and the rewards ceremony. This is where we found out who was going on to Silverstone. We won our first trophy for sponsorship and marketing, this was a great achievement for our team since we worked very hard for sponsorship. The big trophy was the official Development class champions’ trophy of the North West. We are extremely proud of ourselves and our success. The Regional final was a fantastic learning experience for SG-Force.