SGS Sixth Form University Challenge



Part way through the year the idea of having  our own Sixth Form University Challenge Competition , during one lunch hour per week  in the Library, began to attract interest. Acquiring and testing knowledge in a fun and competitive way is always going to prove popular, isn’t it? So the call went out for teams of four. It took a little bit of cajoling but in the end we had 5 teams and an extra Teachers Team to add a bit of rivalry to the competition. Throw in our quizmaster, Mr Bamber Barman himself, and you have a top notch event. A league was drawn up and the cry went out, “Let the games begin”.

As the teams progressed the questions got tougher, the audiences got bigger and the competition got nastier(just a bit). There was a lot to play for (pride?) and those teachers (Mr McAvoy, Miss Leaff, Dr Quipp, Miss Labrey) needed to be given a run for their money. Mr Barman was a thorough taskmaster and the rules were rigorously applied. Underhand tactics were tried (not mentioning names) and failed and of course the audience always knew the answers and could only mock at the serious failings of their peers. All good fun of course.

So now we have our winning team, the League Champions 2018 I can now announce are Sean, William, Rahber, Ahmed. Well done indeed!

To quote the infamous phrase, ” they think it’s all over”, but it isn’t now as there will be a Cup Final to come between the 1st and 2nd place teams.

It might just be team Teachers making a last ditch bid for glory as the song (their era ) goes, “When the going gets tough the tough get going,” or they may be disappointed as Caitlin’s team  make a last minute challenge for their place.

Watch out for the result next term.