Strongest evidence that the planet Mars may have supported life

For centuries people have wondered about the possibility of life on Mars being the same as our home, planet Earth. According to new research, minerals under the surface of Mars hold the strongest evidence that the planet may have supported life. “This is the strongest evidence NASA has found yet”, says the NASA team. In August, NASA’s Curiosity (rover) landed on its surface of the planet with a mission to search for evidence of life on the planet. Scientists believe Mars is the only other planet that humans could actually live on in the future. If anything did happen such as the end of the world, we could have a sustainable home. The team, led by the Natural History Museum in London and the University of Aberdeen, said the ingredients for life could have been in an area up to 5km below the surface for much of the planet’s history. However, the early geological record of Earth is poorly preserved so we may never know what led to life and early evolution.

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