Students charity work at Dunkirk Refugee School, Calais

Last week two teachers and three Year 12 students from our school  (Lauryn, Dyland and Adeel) travelled to Calais, France, to help  with the refugee school in Dunkirk. They managed to raise the £1000 needed for the trip and took over all sorts of items kindly donated by our students, parents and teachers. Here are some photographs from the trip and a few words by Ms Shad, who coordinated the trip, and that sump up perfectly this powerful experience:

 I am so proud of our students and how they conducted themselves during the trip to Dunkirk Refugee School. They showed real maturity and enthusiasm in what were at times chaotic situations.

The students have seen this as a real eye opening experience and are now determined to do more to raise awareness of the conditions in the refugee camps and want to do more to help. We are meeting the Mayor of Trafford tomorrow to discuss ways in which Trafford borough can help the plight of the refugees.

A massive thank you to all those who donated and have supported the trip. If you see the students around school, please give them a massive pat on the back!

Thanks again

Ms Shad

Well done to you all! We are extremely proud of your work.