Wizard of Oz 2020

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We’re off to see the wizard ‘The (wonderful) Wizard of Oz’

For those who made the journey they certainly got to see something wonderful, whichever of the 3 performances they saw. Here is a glimpse of Stretford Grammar School’s production of the Wizard of Oz from the perspective of a student who was busy working backstage.

“I was working back stage for the play and I thought it was absolutely amazing. The work that had gone into the costumes, the scenery painted by our students, the dances and the props made for a spectacular production. It all seemed to lighten people’s spirits as I could see smiling faces throughout the play. Although it’s hard to get the songs out of my head, as they are so catchy, I enjoyed the production very much and I think everyone else did too”.

From the other side of the curtain it certainly was fabulous. Thanks to everyone’s hard work it was very much a colourful and entertaining experience which will make us all keep smiling (and whistling) for quite a while, Well done everyone involved and keep smiling!