Y9 Manchester University Science Stars

Yr9 Manchester University Science Stars trip 2016

Over the course of the day, we did five workshops around the university on different biology topics.

The first of the five was a workshop on astrobiology, where we used different samples of rocks and conducted different experiments to decide whether the each place (the Moon, Titan, Europa, and Comet 67P) could have life on them. We looked at atmospheric frequency graphs, shone UV light beams, and tested for amino acids such as histidine in each sample to determine which one was most suitable for life to survive on them.

After this workshop we moved into another lab for our second workshop which was about the gut and disease in the gut. We learnt about parasites and their effects on the gut using jelly and sweets as mucus and different parasites. We then world diseases top trumps to finish the workshop off.

After a, slightly ironic, biscuit and juice break, we moved on to the third workshop which was about diabetes and how to diagnose the different types. We learnt a lot about how diabetes is caused, what it is and its complications in the body. We then used “blood” with different levels of glucose in each to analyse and calculate the glucose concentration of them. We then used these reading to “diagnose” the patients. I personally found this workshop the most interesting and I learnt a lot from it.

We had lunch and then went back into the labs for our fourth workshop which was about the heart. We learnt about the hearts of other animals and drew life sized diagrams of the human circulatory system.

For our last workshop of the day, we were taught about arthropods and the effects and symptoms of a bite or sting of them. We then were given examples of stings and had to indentify which arthropod caused which one.

My favourite workshop was the astrobiology workshop because I enjoyed the practicals and found it interesting to see the sort of tests taken out by actual scientists around the world today. I also enjoyed seeing the university and meeting the professors and students studying there.


Gabriel Burke 9S