Y9s and the MMU CHEMQUIZ event

Tommy, William, Katie and I recently went on a trip to Manchester Metropolitan University for the annual CHEMQUIZ event. There are three sections to CHEMQUIZ: the multimedia part that consisted in watching a number of experiments and answering various questions on it; the lab experiment, which involved measuring out and calculating the temperature change; and finally the quiz section, where we answered some questions all to do with chemistry.

Not only did we develop our chemistry throughout the main competition, we also learned some valuable team work skills! After having lunch and while we were waiting for the scores to be marked, we played a game where we had to create the longest sentence using just the periodic table. Though our sentence was controversial in its grammatical correctness, we still won a chocolate orange for its length. In the end, we also won prizes for best entry to the multimedia section and came in the top ten school. Overall I think the day was successful in winning but also, more importantly, very fun and a great experience.

Zoya Anwar Y9

With Mr Dalton himself!