YST Moving Minds Workshop for Year 10

We are delighted that several year 10 students are taking part in a ‘YST Moving Minds’ workshop, today. The programme, delivered by the athlete Neil Danns and supported by mental health professionals from 42nd Street, helps students achieve their potential in School and in life through the combination of physical activity and life skills. It is disigned to help them build their confidence and  manage physical and emotional wellbeing.

The programme uses physical activity to reduce the stress and anxiety experienced by students, exploring  being active as a mechanism for reducing their prevalence. As such it supports improvements in academic attainment as it  promotes an increase in understanding of stress and anxiety disorders affecting young people and explores strategies with which to deal with these issues. It will involve developing their own personal plan for using physical activity, lifestyle choices and coping strategies to ensure they are active, engaged learners.

Additionally 5 students are also receiving training to become mentors in school to provide continued support to other students and to embed the training.

The students were truly engaged by the workshop being delivered very energetically by Neil Danns, European Champion Skateboarder, singer and dancer. How’s that for inspiration.

A big thank you to all involved in a tremendous opportunity.