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Exams 2022

Following on from a consultation earlier in the academic year commissioned by the Department for Education and Ofqual, it is clear that it is the expectation of the Government that GCSE public examinations will go ahead in May/June of this academic year in order to award GCSE grades to students across the country. The Government have, however, asked that all schools put in place a contingency plan should this decision change over the coming months.

Access to the letter to students from the chair of Ofqual can be found here: Ofqual Letter

Information regarding the changes to exams 2022 can be found here: Exam changes

Information regarding changes to non-exam assessments can be found here: Non-exam assessments

Contingency Plans

As the government has already stated there is a very high degree of certainty that the summer examinations are going ahead. Our contingency plans allow for the possibility of teacher assessed evidence to be used for grades if required. The planned assessment windows are a good opportunity for students to prepare for the public examinations and follow what we normally do as part of our exam preparation.

In order to help students prepare for their exams we have identified 3 Pre Public Examination (PPE) sessions that could be used to arrive at a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) and help to prepare students for the summer examination period:

  • PPE 1 – Year 11 and Year 13 Mocks (already completed).
  • PPE 2 – 21st March to 25th March. Year 11 PPE 2 in Hall; Year 13 PPE 2 in classrooms.
  • PPE 3 – 25th April to 29th April. Year 11 and Year 13 PPE 3 in classrooms.

Information regarding the PPE assessments to be taken in school and the advanced information regarding summer exams from the examination boards can be found below.