PSHCE is delivered to all students at Stretford Grammar School as a timetabled lesson, which is an integral element of personal development including assemblies, drop down days and form time.

Meet the team:

Mr. I. Nicholson Assistant Headteacher i/c PSHCE

Ms. S. Alderson Teacher of PSHCE/Progress Leader for Year 8

Miss C. Ashall Teacher of PSHCE/Curriculum Leader MFL

Miss K. Bryan Teacher of PSHCE

Mrs. E. Delaney Teacher of PSHCE

Mrs. N. Flanagan Teacher of PSHCE/Progress Leader for Year 10

Miss E. Hynes Teacher of PSHCE

Miss A. MacManus Teacher of PSHCE

Mr. J. Ochman Teacher of PSHCE

Mr. K. Ramalli Teacher of PSHCE

Mrs. S. Shingler Teacher of PSHCE


What will be taught?

PSHCE is taught using the non-statutory guidance from the Department for Education and the Citizenship National Curriculum.  At Key Stages 3 and 4 the delivery of the curriculum focuses on the key areas of

  • Being Me
  • Diversity
  • Staying Healthy
  • Careers
  • Risk
  • Financial Capability
  • Drugs Education
  • Sex and Relationships Education
  • Careers

These areas support students to take their place as active citizens in society and to developing skills including resilience, resourcefulness and self-awareness.

Parents/carers have the statutory right of withdrawal from the teaching of Sex and Relationships education and should contact the school to do so.

PSHCE contributes to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students as well as including a focus on British Values.

What happens in lessons?

A wide range of delivery techniques are used given the sensitive nature of the topics covered and when students are exploring their own thinking about what is being studied.  Students are encouraged to make an input into lessons but should they not wish to discuss issues this is dealt with sensitively.  Specialists are used for key elements of the programme of study, whether health professionals, Connexions in support of independent adice and guidance or colleagues from the world of work.

All students have access to the career planning tool, Kudos which is used to store achievements throughout the school career to provide an overview of activities and to help with work related learning.

What extra opportunities are there?

Drop down days are used to deepen learning and have including a careers day with a careers fair, an emotional health and well-being day and enterprise activities.

How can you help at home?

PSHCE is concerned with staying safe and being an active part of society.  Discussing current affairs is key in ensuring that students watch the news and read a quality newspaper in preparation for classwork.  .