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Admission to Our Sixth Form

  1.  The Sixth Form intake will be dependent on the number of students in Years 7-11 and the maximum capacity of the school. When Years 7-11 are fully subscribed, admission to Year 12 will be such that the total number of Sixth Form students does not exceed 192. The school does not enrol students at the beginning of Year 13.
  2.  For those offered a place in the Sixth Form the requirement for entry is that students must have achieved a minimum Attainment 8 score of 60 (calculated from the best 8 GCSE grades), which must include Mathematics and English Language to at least to grade 5:
  • Students must also attain a grade 6 in the subjects they want to study.
  • Where students are taking a subject they have not studied at GCSE e.g. Psychology, Sociology, Politics, then grade 6s in English and a subject with an equivalent skill base, e.g. History/Geography, would be expected.
  • Students must attain a grade 6 in Maths to study one of the Sciences.
  • Where students are taking more than one of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biology we strongly recommend grade 7s in these subjects at GCSE.
  1.   Applicants who have completed their secondary education in schools other than in England and Wales and have taken IGCSE or equivalent qualifications will be subject to the same requirements as stated in paragraphs three and four. Students who take qualifications other than GCSE, or IGCSE or must have equivalent qualifications as defined and verified by NARIC ( and be able to demonstrate that they are working at a level comparable to the minimum academic requirement for entry into the sixth form. Equivalent qualifications will only be accepted if the course content provides suitable preparation for A Level study and students will only be enrolled once qualifications have been verified in writing.
  2.   Internal Year 11 students will be asked to indicate whether they wish to progress to Sixth Form in the first half of the Spring Term and to give an initial choice of subjects.
  3.   Internal applicants, who meet the entry requirements and who enrol on or before GCSE Results and Enrolment day, will be given priority over all other applicants and guaranteed a place in the Sixth Form, on courses of their choice, within the option lines available. Internal applicants who enrol between GCSE Results and Enrolment day and the first school day of the Autumn Term may be enrolled, subject to availability of places on the courses of their choice. The maximum class size for any A Level class will be 20.
  4.   Year 11 applicants from other schools should return completed application forms between October and mid-February each year; the deadline date is the end of the first half of the spring term. Their school will be asked to provide information to verify the suitability of the candidate’s choice of courses and to ensure Stretford Grammar School is able to provide appropriate support to meet individual student needs. Proof of qualifications, identity and residency, will also be required.
  5.   Year 11 students from other schools (external applicants), who apply and accept a conditional offer during the Spring Term, meet the entry requirements and enrol on or before 24th August will be allocated a place in the Sixth Form, on courses of their choice, within the option lines available.
  6.   Year 11 external applicants, who apply after the February deadline, will only be offered places subject to availability and only once all qualifying students in paragraphs 6 to 9 have received conditional offers.
  7.   Any student who enrols in the Sixth Form but fails to attend on the first day of the Autumn Term, without prior notice being given, may have their place withdrawn.
  8. Applications to re-take Year 12 will only be considered if there are places available after all qualifying year 11 students have enrolled. Such applications will be considered on an individual basis, taking account of any extenuating circumstances and priority will be given to students already at the school. Following discussions with the student and their parent/carer to ascertain whether it is in the student’s best educational interest, the school may refuse requests to retake Year 12.
Over-Subscription Criteria for Sixth Form Places

Where eligible applications for admission exceed the number of places in the Sixth Form, or the number of applications for a course exceeds the places available on that course, the following criteria will apply:

1.     A ‘looked after child’ or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order (Under the terms of the Adoption and Children Act 2002 (see section 46 (adoption orders)).

2.     Those highest in rank order based on their Attainment 8 score.

3.     In the event of tied scores resulting in more than one applicant being eligible for places then the applicant living nearest to the school as measured using the property co-ordinates provided through a combination of the Trafford Local Land and Property Gazetteer (BS7666), other LA data and Royal Mail Postal Address Information. In the case of a child living in a block of flats, the distance will be measured from the communal entrance of the building.

4.     Random allocation will be used as a tie-break to decide who has the highest priority for admission where the qualifying score and the distance between two applicants’ home and the school is the same.

Progression to Year 13

Students who fail to achieve a record of continuous effort to make good progress in their Y12 studies, at the end of Year 12, will be invited, with their parents/carers, to a consultation to discuss whether progression to Year 13 is in the best interest for their continuing education. The school may advise that the student should retake Year 12 or seek alternative qualifications more suited to their individual needs.

Please Note:
Proof of qualifications, identity and residence may be required from applicants. The School may withdraw a place at a later date if false, incorrect or misleading information has been provided. Parents/carers must inform the School of any changes to their address or circumstances.

Right of Appeal

Under the terms of Education Act 1998, all candidates and parents/carers of candidates refused admission have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel against any decision made by the School. The decision of the Independent Appeals Panel is binding on both the School and parents/carers.