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Programmes of Study

Making the Right Choice

When choosing an A Level subject students should:

  • Have an interest in and enjoy studying it.
  • Have a good chance of obtaining a high grade in it i.e. have been good at it previously or, if students have not studied it before, have high GCSE grades in subjects which require similar skills.
  • Have researched the subject and know what is involved in studying it to A Level – this may sometimes be quite different from what is covered at GCSE and it may be much more difficult. If students have not studied the subject before, what is it actually about and will it suit students’ strengths?
  • Consider whether it will help students to meet higher education or future career aspirations. Students who know which degree course they would like to study at university can use the table below to see the likely requirements.

Please note that this is a guide only and students should refer to or individual university websites to check detailed entry requirements for specific courses. 

Some degree courses may not require any specific subject background. If students are unsure about their future career options, subjects that tend to give the most options include Mathematics and Further Mathematics, the Pure Sciences, Geography, History, English Literature and Modern Foreign Languages. These subjects are particularly favoured by the Russell Group Universities.

The information above has been taken from Informed Choices: A Russell Group guide to making decisions about post-16 education.

It is recommended that students refer to this site before choosing their A Level options.

Please do not hesitate to contact school if students require further advice:

Students receive a programme of Careers Information, Advice and Guidance during the Spring and Summer terms of Year 12, including appointments with a Connexions advisor. Guidance is given throughout the UCAS application cycle and each student is allocated an individual mentor to help them choose appropriate undergraduate courses and write their application.