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Art & Design


Lowry's 'Going To The Match' Is Up For Sale“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”


Our Curriculum

The Art Curriculum that is taught at Stretford Grammar School has been designed to be as accessible as possible for all students throughout the range of abilities.  We believe that the Art Curriculum should enable students to become more confident in their ability to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas, to think creatively and to understand the visual world that they live in.  

Getting better at Art

Students get better at Art through being given the opportunity for individual and group response to broad and open-ended starting-points.  Through guided and supported practical learning, and using engaging contextual sources students will become more confident in themselves and their ability.  They will improve their ability to make new and original connections between different elements of a task or problem – the essence of creativity – which can be applied to many other areas of their learning and life.

Beyond School

Studying Art can be continued at GCSE, A Level and then into Further & Higher Education in a kaleidoscope of courses.  As we live in a world that is increasingly dominated by the visual, Art helps us to understand and engage with the complex and ever-changing visual language of today and tomorrow.


(Including) Artist, Sculptor, Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer, Textile Designer, Web Designer, Industrial Designer, Automotive Designer, Jewellery Designer, Illustrator, Modelmaker, Architect, Film, TV & Theatre, Rock Star