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Product Design

Celebrating British Science Week in design and technology | STEM

“Design and Technology should be as riveting and relevant as the career it channels into. Logical, creative and practical, it’s the only opportunity that school students have to apply what they learn in maths and science – directly preparing them for a future in engineering.”

James Dyson

Our Curriculum

Creativity, problem-solving, and an inspirational iterative approach to designing is fundamental to Design Technology. By building a fundamental knowledge of the cultural and sustainable impact that design has on our planet delivers an understanding of how excellent design transforms and enhances the world we inhabit. An in depth understanding of materials, processes, and the work of other designers allows creative solutions to real life problems to be communicated and realised using the latest 3D printing and laser cutting technology.

Getting better in Design Technology

An inquisitive approach to life is the secret to success: asking how did they do that? And then searching out the answer will open up how the creative geniuses from the past have helped create this amazing technological world. Disassembling products and even hard reassembling them will give in depth insight to the detail that is needed to create an amazing working solution to a problem. By visiting museums and using the internet to investigate the work of famous designers students will develop an in depth understanding of the design process which is used to solve problems.

Beyond School

Design is a great practical subject to study at GCSE and A Level; it brings together knowledge gained in Science, Geography, Maths and uses the power of communication from other subjects such as English and History to solve problems. It empowers students to work to over-come hurdles, and not be overwhelmed by them.


Interior Design, Engineering, Architecture, Animator, Graphic Design, Costume and Set Design are some of the opportunities that can be followed by studying Design Technology.

Food and Nutrition

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

Thomas Edison

Our Curriculum

The Food Preparation and Nutrition curriculum is organised to give students the knowledge, understanding and skills required to cook and apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. It encourages students to cook independently and enables them to make informed decisions about food and nutrition whilst giving them the knowledge to be able to feed themselves and others nutritious and healthy food within an affordable budget for the rest of their life.

Getting Better at Food Preparation and Nutrition

Students get better at Food through developing their knowledge of the relationship between diet, nutrition and health; they will be able to successfully analyse dishes they choose to cook as their knowledge deepens making more informed and healthier choices.  Within the kitchen classroom they will learn how to cook the recipes they analyse and become more proficient with the food preparation aspect of the subject.  Good cooks know not only how to cook well but understand the relationship between nutrition and where food is sourced.

Beyond School

By choosing to study Food Preparation and Nutrition, students will discover the connection that tasty food has with the right nutrition to enhance their own lives and their mental well-being whilst broadening their understanding of the world of food beyond their own home.  It will also empower them to use nutrition and food as a way of creating an ambience to develop social interaction for the benefit of the communities of which they are a part.


Nutritionist, Nutritional therapist, Teacher, Food Technologist, Dietician, Environmental Health Officer, Chef, Restaurant Owner.