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Wellbeing at Stretford Grammar School

Student well being and mental health is of the utmost importance. Within school we have trained teachers who follow aspects of the .b curriculum and we are also part of the Oxford Myriad project which has resulted in a number of Staff being taught in the delivery of this important part of the curriculum.  Whilst in its infancy, the data suggests that it could have an important effect on the the mental health and wellbeing of teenagers and we are proud to be a partner in such a vital area of the curriculum.

Oxford Myriad Project

We recommend the following resources for support but if you need to speak to anyone in confidence at school you can leave a message on the form at the end of this page:

Five ways to Wellbeing:




Be Creative and Play



Take Notice



Be Active







Stop, Breathe and Be : .b







Playing Attention






Coping with anxiety




Support: We are here for you

Listen to your SELFIE

The Mix



Students Against Depression

Young Minds

Youth Access