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UK Supreme Court Debate Day

Today Year 12 and 13 took part in a Supreme Court style debate...... decide whether the use of Stop and Search by the Police should be reformed.Firstly, students were given a tour of the Supreme Court, and left with a better understanding of when and why it was created, what the court does and how it works. Then it was over to the debate. Working closely with Barristers and Lawyers who usually advise the government on matters of Law, students were given time to explore arguments for or against the use of ‘Stop and Search’ powers in the community. The arguments were impressive and well-made on both sides including the problem of confirmation bias, institutionalised racism, public perceptions and the fact it has taken 11,000 weapons off the streets last year alone.

Finally, it was over to the judges to ask for clarity on points until they were satisfied. Then, each side was given a chance to sum up and the judges gave their final verdict where they decided that Stop and Search strikes a fair balance between the rights of the individual and the interests of protecting the public.

The students said ‘they gained insight into the workings of judicial decisions’ found a ‘different way of analysing arguments and coming to justified conclusions’ and would recommend the experience 100%