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Year 9 Trip to the British Muslim Heritage Centre

Over two mornings, Y9 had the opportunity to visit the British Muslim Heritage Centre.

Originally built as a college for trained ministers for the Congregational Church, the Grade II listed building in Whalley Range gave pupils the chance to undertake a course of short activities investigating different aspects of Islam. This included;

1) Salah - prayer mats, the Quran, understand wudu and go to the wudu area to have a go.

2) Ramadan – discussion, chance to try dates and halal sweets.

3) Islamic Dress - chance to dress up and discuss.

4) Features of a mosque – in the prayer room.

5) House of Wisdom – looking at the major contributions of Islamic civilisation to the world today.

6) Snack station - biscuits, squash drink, fruit - chance to ask questions.

It was a brilliant day, packed with hands-on activities and lots of questions to be asked.