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Year 9 Ruby

Newly elected captain Ben Cooke led the Year 9 Rugby Team......

to play Wellington, alongside his vice captains Jonny Fernandez Arias and Nathaniel Gaston. Wellington scored four tries in the first half against a staggered and poorly organised Stretford defence. In the second half, Stretford’s defensive structure and aggression began to emerge. Try saving tackles prevented Wellington getting through and although the opposition scored another three tries round off a comprehensive 35-0 performance, progress was shown by the Stretford Grammar team, showing positive signs before the Cumbria Rugby Tour. Player of the Match was split between Stan Hodgett for his superb carrying off the back of the scrum at Number 8. Ozzy Thorp takes the second half of the award for his immaculate try stopping 1-on-1 tackles at fullback.