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Stretford Grammar School welcomes Sir Lindsay Hoyle

On Friday the 22nd of September Stretford Grammar School welcomed Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons


Mrs Shingler invited Sir Lindsay to speak about the importance of democracy and Parliament, and the role of young people in the future of our country. 


Sir Lindsay's visit began with hospitality with the Headteacher, Mrs Shingler; the Head Boy and Head Girl, and six governors. He arrived at the main office at one o'clock.


We all stood up to greet him as he shook each of our hands. He was offered cake from the canteen but he refused because he is a type one diabetic (he only found this out in the middle of a general election when he went to A and E). Instead, he had a coffee.

Then, Sir Lindsay came to the hall where students from Sixth Form, School Parliament and Debate Club asked him questions.


A riveting question was: What are your views on voting at 16?

Sir Lindsay responded by saying that it should be up to young people to decide what age is appropriate for voting. In his opinion, adult life should start fully, not in gradual stages. However, he agrees with whatever young people think is right. Another question he was asked was, which important person did you enjoy meeting the most? Sir Lindsay immediately said, "my wife" which caused everyone to laugh.

Once the audience was quiet again, he told us all how he once met Tom Hanks. Obama had gone to the Houses of Parliament and brought Tom Hanks pretending to be a British MP with him!

After answering lots of interesting questions asked by the Stretford Grammar School students, Sir Lindsay Hoyle received a cheque from the Head Boy and Head Girl. They gave a short speech thanking him for his visit. He donated the money to a Youth Centre in his hometown, Chorley, in Lancashire. This was because he wants to invest in the future generations. 

Everyone seemed to learn a lot about the importance of Parliament from Sir Lindsay.

By Niamh Khan and Daisy Wheadon