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Community Policing

PC Walsh and PC Towel visit Stretford Grammar School

On Monday 11th December, PC Walsh and PC Towel came to school to speak to Year 7 about being safe when travelling to and from school. This fits in with our PSHE curriculum for this half-term and students were given advice and the opportunity to ask questions about the officers’ careers and experiences.

Our students found it engaging and clearly took on board some of the key messages:

Osaru – “I found the assembly very interesting and eye-opening. This is because you think that you are making everything the safest it could possibly be, but once you are told more ways, you realise there are so many things that can keep you much safer. This is why it’s really important to do these types of assemblies. Thank you, PC Walsh.”

Michael – “When PC Walsh and PC Towel came in they told us very informative and important information about staying safe in winter. I thought it was excellent because it has made me realise things I could do to make myself safer.”

Nadia – “I just enjoyed the whole thing in general because, even though it was a serious topic, they made some parts funny and entertaining to watch and learn from.”

Our thanks go to PC Walsh and PC Towel for their time and support and Ms King for organising.