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Welcome to our School

Careers Fair 7th December 2023

We were delighted to bring our students and their parents/carers our Careers Fair for 2023

In our commitment to providing the best possible careers education, information and guidance, this event was designed to connect students with employers, provide inspiration about industry sectors, and give signposts for various careers pathways.

In the Almond building, we had exhibitors from Universities, Colleges and our school. This was an opportunity for students and parents to explore the wide variety of courses available in further education.

In the main hall, we had a wide range of companies exhibiting, including bioanalysis, the Ministry of Defence, medical careers, media, solicitors, engineering, and architecture.

Through the school’s classrooms, we had guest speakers from a diverse range of professions and many parents gave generously of their time.

During the evening, over 500 students and adults enjoyed 3 hours of career advice and guidance. It was a real pleasure to host so many members of our community, and the school was really lively with a great buzz!

Mr Price commented: “our students are so keen to get involved in an active manner with school events. The exhibitors praised their willingness to engage, and they said that they are excited about the chance to return next September. This event will get bigger and in 2024 we will have more companies, further education institutions and presenters providing valuable insights in the world of work".

Thank you to all involved who helped make this such a great event.