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Year 8 Fire Safety

Thank you to the Fire Service for their time in sharing ways to stay safe.

On Wednesday 28th February, Year 8 were visited by 3 firefighters who were talking to us about our safety at home. This involved the risk factors, what to do in the event of a fire and how they could help themselves and others. During the visit, one of the firefighters was called out to the scene, showing the students just what it is like to be on call.

The students were able to ask questions, hear stories and facts about fires and what can save their lives if they do find themselves faced with a fire in the home. Being able to show the students how a firefighter would approach a fire and the risks they take on a daily basis came with showing the students the full gear and giving 3 students the chance to put it all on. James White 8E was first up, and he was able to tell the students just how heavy it all was. Romy Archer 8R and Tareq Albied 8T were then chosen to race to put it all on (with the help of the team who do this every day). The students were great and really responsive to the team and the information they were giving out.