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Youth Travel Ambassadors Pitch Event

Making travel to school sustainable

On Friday 1st March, the YTA team travelled into Manchester to pitch for funding to run their sustainable travel initiative. The team, comprising of Year 8 and Year 10 students, had prepared a strong idea and pitch in order to try and secure the money. Despite having only had 1 run through, the team were confident with their presentation and well-equipped to answer any questions that came their way.

We were second up to present, and the students did an excellent job. It was confident, it was slick, and the panel were more than impressed with our idea, using the word ‘excellent’ in their description of our pitch. A member of the panel even said they may use our idea in their area! Niamh Khan 10R and Tom Myring 8E held their nerve under the pressure of the panel’s questions and the team as a whole secured the £500 funding they set out to get. The next steps now are to put this plan into action and see if the team can achieve their goal!