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Stretford vs Urmston

On Monday the 10th of June, the Year 9 Cricket Team travelled to Urmston Grammar School to play their most exciting ‘Hard-ball’ fixture of the summer.

Year 8 pupils, Eeshan Kashif, Eesa Khan and Subhan Sadat also played. Our boys began bowling, with wickets being taken by Archie Haikney mainly at the end of the home side’s innings. In addition, Benjamin Hosford’s bowling also piled the pressure on the opposition batsmen. Stretford’s fielding lacked bravery in parts when preventing the ball from crossing the boundary, and we gave away a few more no-balls and wides than they did. This worked in Urmston’s favour. After 12 overs, Urmston scored 105-4.

Vice-Captain, Stan Hodgett, and Archie Haikney opened our batting with a degree of risk. But strong bowling from Urmston stopped us from getting too far ahead. Once, Stan was bowled out, captain Nathaniel Gaston entered the field with his good friend Archie to rack up the runs, hitting several 4s and 6s. Unfortunately, their efforts and good play were not enough, and they finished on 91 for 2, 14 runs shy of Urmston.