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Football Bulletin

Match Week 4

Year 9: Won 4-0

On Monday 4th October the Year 10 boys travelled to St Anthony’s. Standout performances from Seb Hurst, Hamza Ahmed and Yasin Munir helped drive the boys to a 4-0 victory. Goals from Hamza, Dammy Raheem Raheem (2) and Yasin Munir.

Year 8: Lose 3-2

The Year 8 Boys Football Team battled with BTH College losing 3-2. A distanced goal from Cohen Jackson (8S) led to his Player of the Match performance, and the other goal came from strong header from Jack Styczen O’Keefe (8E). 

Year 7: Won 4:1

Year 7 won 4-1 at BTH.  Goals came from Ryan Buckley (2), Phoevos Maitos-Cassidy (Pen) and Stan Hodgett.  Man of the Match was Linus Sherolli.