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Year 8 Budding Meteorologists

Year 8 students developing their meteorology skills

8O collecting data today with Miss King to assess the feasibility of the school site for renewable energy. We’ve measured wind speed and direction, light intensity and temperature. Such activities are part of the curriculum and develop our students' interest in meteorology. Weather affects us in many ways. It affects what we do and what we wear, how we travel and even our moods. Meteorologists measure weather conditions in different places and use this information to report and make forecasts about future weather conditions. Wind direction is reported by the direction it is blowing from, according to the compass. Wind blowing from the west is travelling eastwards so is called a westerly wind, not an easterly wind. Wind speed can be measured using an anemometer. The strength of the wind is measured on the Beaufort scale. Our students took their data and used it in the classroom in the same way that professional meteorologists use data to predict weather patterns. Perhaps one day we will see one of our students presenting the weather on North West Tonight!