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Spirited Arts 2021 - Year 7 Success

The 18th Spirited Arts event includes a winning entry from our Year 7 students

Last academic year, RE taught an engaging Scheme of Work that was called ‘Spirituality in art’ for Year 7. One of the tasks given to our the students was to prepare them to enter the nationally held competition called ‘Spirited Arts 2021’ run by NATRE (National association for teaching RE). The criteria were to look at and understand one of the themes/categories: ‘God’s good earth’, ‘Healing’, ‘Inspiring’, ‘We have far more in common’, ‘Where is Art’. For two lessons, we looked at what each theme was about and the sorts of ideas students could use to help them. The lessons consisted of the students planning, creating and writing a short piece on what the art was about and how it fulfilled the theme. All our Year 7 students created a piece on one of the themes. It was up to the teacher and students to decide which work to submit. It was very difficult deciding which pieces to send!! In the end we whittled the pieces down to 6 students.  Our Winner Taia Myin (now of 80). The other candidates put forward were Thomas Little, Madeliene Vendy, Louisa Brailsford and Hannah and Isaaq Anwar.  

We are pleased to announce that Taia's entry went on to win a place in the Spirited Arts gallery. The link to her impressive winning entry can be found here:

Well done to all the students who took part and a special mention to Taia - an impressive winner from the 25,000 students who took part nationally!