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Welcome to our School

Drop Down Day 1

The whole school has been off timetable engaging in activities based on the theme of positive choices

Year 7

All day Year 7 have been investigating how to make positive choices in relationships both inside and outside of school.  They have looked at how social media can be used positively to support relationships and the negative aspects of social media in their online relationships.  Students have also explored how team work and compromise can help build strong and effective friendships and other relationships.

Year 8

Year 8 have focused their work on Drop Down Day on developing resilience and how they can make difficult decisions and take difficult actions without giving up at the first hurdle.  They have explored how they can support each other in developing these skills and how working together can make what seems insurmountable much less of a challenge.

Year 9

As the students in Year prepare to make choices about their future education, today has focused on transferable and employability skills and how these relate to the subjects in the Key Stage 4 curriculum.  They have heard from employers about the skills they will need moving into the future and how they can build on Key Stage 3 as they get ready for the next stage in their learning.

Year 10

Today has focused the thinking of Year 10 on making positive choices in relation to diet and exercise.  Ranging from the impact exercise can have on our immediate and future health and well-being, making healthy snacks which will keep blood sugar levels constant to how calorific values of food impact depending on where they come from in food groups, students have been able to listen to external agencies on how what we choose to eat and do now will stay with them for the rest of their life.

Year 11

With post 16 applications on the near horizon, Year 11 have investigated options post 16 and 18 as they prepare for the future.  Talks with employers from medicine through law and modern apprenticeships has given Year 11 the tools they need to make informed and positive choices about life after GCSE.  Relating this to their own skills and possible choices students have the tools to make the choices need for them to be successful.