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Med-Soc Visit

During half term we had our first experience of hosting Med-Soc at Stretford Grammar. Students enjoyed the hands-on experience of dissection and  the expertly delivered tutorials on a range of medical issues. 

Med-soc is the next generation of live event for aspiring medical and healthcare students, built off the back of 30 years experience of guiding students into careers in medicine Med-soc offers a hands on intensively academic insight into medical careers. Working with nationally acclaimed human anatomist Samuel Piri and his clinical team our students discovered the intricate workings of the human body through technical hands on dissection. 

One student commented: "The event was an amazing opportunity for students who wanted to get an insight into what the human body looked like, through several hands-on dissections. As well as this, learning about how medical staff describe the human body and how they labelled the different parts of the body (such as the neurones) shows how precise we must be, throughout. To continue, the event finished with how anaesthetists would have to measure out the anaesthetics - in our case Propofol - to ensure that the patient is stable, but, sedated during any procedures that may take place. Overall, it was brilliant - thank you so much!”

We look forward to many more events in the future.