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Basketball Bulletin

Match Week 4
Year 10/11

Our Year 10 and 11 Boys Basketball team were edged out in a close , nail-biting game against Wellington School which finished in a 33-30 defeat. Offensively led by Aayan Baig and with Divine Udensi checking successfully, led players such as Michael McManamon to secure several 2 point baskets, and Leslie Obodai for the occasional 3 point basket. Ade Aderogba, Oscar Lucas and Abdullakh Zishan prevented many point scoring opportunities deploying excellent zonal defence. 


Year 8/9

The Year 8/9 team won their first game of the season, 12-4 v Streford High School.  Top points scorer was Jack Styczen-O’Keefe.  Man of the March was Zaki Ferguson.